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June 2015 - we take a look at the fantastic QNAP TS453 Mini and Asustor 5102T.

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Welcome to Andrews Reviews!

This website is a showcase for Premium Products and Network Attached Storage solutions.  If you want to get your product featured then please contact us.

www.andrewsreviews.co.ukWe're excited to be looking at the new Asustor AS5102T NAS enclosure.  Alex give's it the once over and also brings some new YouTube content to our channel.

And over the coming months we will slowly be expanding the site to include reviews of other products. 

www.andrewsreviews.co.ukCheck out our full review of the new QNAP TS-451.  A powerful and flexible home/office nas intorducing virtual machines for the masses with some seriouss media capabilites.

Our new walkthrough guides written by Alex on setting up your new Synology diskstation using the new Web Assistant Setup found on the new model Synology units.  Web Assistant Setup.  We also have a guided walkthrough on setting up the photo station.  Photo Station Guide.

www.andrewsreviews.co.ukOur review of the ioSafe 214.  Find out why we gave it both Gold and Top Choice!

I have an email button up in the contact section and love to hear from people so drop me an email. 

Thank you!